Ray Zahab Now Trainging for Gobi Run…

Back from Libya and Training for Gobi !

Lisa and I are prepping for Gobi as we have with all of my other races- lot’s of miles!

Since Libya I have been training pretty much non-stop. I was fortunate to have a fast recovery-  I was running within days of finishing. I was really happy with this as I ran almost 200 kms in super duper tough terrain and barely had any swelling and no blisters. Some of the credit has to go to the Goji Juice for sure.

The plan for Gobi so far has been to train as I did for Sahara Race. It was awesome to get those base miles in Libya.

Training for Gobi will/has included speed work, hill repeats and the ever present ‘tire dragging’! Running with Kevin and Charlie means running really fast- and Gobi is a stage race so it is going to be super tough and super fast!

Where Libya involved more or less non-stop running for 32 or so hours, Gobi will be over a course of several days with the long stage (minimum 80 kms) peeking out on day 4 or 5.

I am always asked – which is tougher- stage racing or non-stop?  I think for me it is stage racing. So fast and not enough time to recover between stages. RacingThePlanet races are incredible experiences-legendary for their course design and ability to test your limits- I am sure Gobi this year will carry on that tradition! Stay tuned – more to come!

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