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“Age” Old Mystery

Why Do Some People Live So Long? Nir Barzilai is tracking down genes that help centenarians elude killer disease. His discoveries may help you live longer and healthier, too. By Claudia Dreifus March 2006   One morning at the Hebrew … Continue reading

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Morgan Freeman Receives Spencer Tracy Award

Morgan Freeman offered sage advice to University of California, Los Angeles (my alma mater), students Tuesday, March 7th, as he accepted the university’s Spencer Tracy Award for outstanding screen performances. "Once you’ve gotten the job, there’s nothing to it," said Freeman, … Continue reading

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It Is Woman’s History Month

Whether it’s building a community, leading a business, nurturing a home, or fighting for freedoms abroad, women in this country have pioneered a determined vision for all Americans. From the brave women who fight overseas promoting freedom around the world, … Continue reading

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Dana Reeve – Courage Under Pressure

Mark Twain said the the definition of class was courage under pressure…  Larry King said today that this describes Dana Reeve.  Paula Zahn said she never heard Dana complain or feel sorry for herself… during Christopher Reeves’ worst time or … Continue reading

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