SAS Update: Typhoon Brewing

Update from one of the SAS parents:

"Boy, I guess the seas are very, very rough today for our kids. My daughter just got through to us after many repeated attempts this morning. We talked for about 90 seconds before getting disconnected. She is very seasick, throwing up a lot and begged me to get her off the ship; 7 foot waves. She said they are having their Global Studies class via the television because the professor is even seasick! They are sailing next to a typhoon. Or in a typoon, she didn’t remember which they were told. Hopefully, they aren’t on the exact path with the bad weather and will go their separate ways soon!"
I tried to look up information on the Internet and found a joint Typhoon Warning posted, but no details.  The Japanese weather report, which is their next stop, shows cool weather with possibilities of showers… but not a word about the Typhoon, so it must not be expected to come their direction.  Summer had sited the rough seas as her reason for only writing and sending half her China update, and we haven’t heard from her since.  I imagine the Internet is down, and probably so is she…  But I’m sure they are fine…. just maybe a bit green.
Hard to imagine that they will be in Japan in a couple of days (only about 39 hours actually) … their last international stop, already.  They will celebrate Thanksgiving together back onboard ship… which is cool.  I’m sure Thanksgiving will have a whole new meaning for them this year!  And then comes a week of finals before they hit Hawaii.

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