Update – Pre-India Letter From Summer


Summer here…

Sooo, today we had our second Global Studies test, I think I actually did pretty well and I know I did better than last time. Tomorrow we are in Mauritius for three days. There is not much to do there besides have fun. It’s a paradise Island, so we are planning on going scuba diving, wake boarding, camping and whatever else we get ourselves into.

Anyways, so after I had another shitty dinner in the cafeteria, the boys told John and I to come up to the pool area where we found them doing back and front flips into the 5 foot pool… Smart guys (not)! Anyways so John and I were just chillin eating some ice cream near the pool when Brandon decides he wants to get me all wet. Well when he gave up cause he couldn’t catch me his accomplices, Paul and Kevin, surrounded me and then all of them picked me up by my arms and legs and threw me into the pool with all my clothes and shoes on!! I looked like a drowned rat and I had just taken a shower and has gotten all pretty too. So now I am sitting in my room naked writing this to you. LOL!  I’m not butt hurt because I have to admit it was pretty funny. I am starting to love being on the ship cause there is always something going on… Movies, pub nights, drinking, BBQ’s, and I have my group of friends now that I can always hang out with (and get thrown in the pool every once in awhile… apparently). Then when we get into ports, it is even more fun with everything to see, do, and learn… about whatever country we might be in. After Mauritius we have seven days before we are in India and after that the spans that we are at sea start to decrease rapidly.

So, it is our first day back at sea after Mauritius. I had the most fun in Mauritius the first day we got there, which was on a Sunday. As soon as the ship was cleared, John and I went into the Waterfront to check out all the stores and the city and then we were going to meet back up with everyone else around 4pm on the ship… But we quickly realized that everything was closed except for some food restaurants, so we didn’t have anything to do but eat. So we went to this Chinese restaurant where all the servers were Indian, but speaking French… It was the weirdest thing to witness! Anyways, we saw a group of like 20 people from the ship about to eat at the same place and they said they were heading to the Tamborine falls where there is a span of seven waterfalls that we can hike down to. So after much consideration, we decided to go. However, we were not in the proper attire to go hiking on the very steep mountain or swimming under the waterfalls because we both had sandals on and I had a long WHITE skirt on and had no time to go back to the ship to change. So John and I frantically went to the nearby mall in search of the first store we could find that was open and then buy the first pair of shorts I put on and then run back to jump in the taxis for a 30min car ride to the trail. We did make one stop at this Indian church where they were praying and singing to music being played to their very intriguing instruments. And I of course, just go "Oooo! Music!" and walk right into the church with my tiny shorts on and videoing everything with my new camera, when John reminds me of what we were told for pre-port about not wearing inappropriate clothing and what I was wearing… So I slowly backed up and made my exit before getting mauled by a bunch of Hindus!

It was funny after the fact though. Then we started down the very narrow, very steep, and very slippery mountain to the top of the first waterfall. The first drop was about 200 feet and our guides told us that they had seen people jump off there before, but I don’t know if I believe that. We continued to work our way down to the top of the next waterfall and the bottom of the first one where everyone took a little swim. One of the guys named Eric tried to climb up the side of the mountain just right of the waterfall where it was still slippery and when he got to about 15 feet up he slipped and rolled all the way down into the water like a burrito. He cut up his knee pretty badly and because his heel was injured I hear he is on crutches now, but luckily they didn’t send him home. Speaking of people getting sent home… There have already been 8 people sent home and the most recent person was caught selling cocaine.

I guess the guy had been smuggling cocaine onto the ship from every port and then selling it on the boat, but he finally got caught in Mauritius.

Isn’t that crazy?! So, my guess is, is that they are going to be doing some major drug testing over this span and a major amount of people are going to be sent home. Not me because I don’t do that kind of shit and wouldn’t jeopardize this great experience… hello!!! The others that were sent home were because they had too many strikes for things like coming back too drunk (which I don’t know how in the hell I don’t have any strikes yet) or vandalizing ship property or dumb shit like that. The strikes aren’t even clear because you can ome back to the ship drunk (everyone does), but you just can’t cause a ruckus or damage things or openly be dysfunctional… Or run into things like my roommate has become exceptionally good at. Ok, back on track… So after some more swinging through the trees, jumping around mud and water areas, and people being cut up and in my case eaten alive by mosquitoes because of course I didn’t have bug repellent, we headed back to the ship to take a shower and get ready for that night.

First night of drinking that I didn’t just crash…. Yay!  Anyways, we started out near the ship at a little pub/restaurant Keg and then took a 30min taxi ride where we squished 5 people into this little Nissan, me of course in the back lying over everybody, up to Bombay to the Banana Club Bar. We drank for a while there and then when it started to close we decided to walk up the street to this other club that might still be open. Before we got off the ship we were told to stay away from the many stray dogs in Mauritius because they were vicious, but I, feeling sorry for the poor things, decided to make friends with one of them… So for the whole walk over there and back we had a doggy friend right by my side the whole time and it only tried to bite me once but in a playful way because I was running. My friend Glenn told me that they had a hotel room nearby and that I would be able to stay there and then we could go undersea walking in the morning. So I said sure under the condition that I have a toothbrush. And by some miracle he had brought an extra one, so I stayed. The next morning I had to buy a bathing suit because once again I was not prepared. The walk under water was soo cool. The divers would put pieces of bread right next to our huge square head pieces that we had over our head, so that the fish would come swarm right next to us so that we could see all the different types of fish. Then we were able to touch some coral, which was incredibly soft and if you put the back of your hand on the top, the little tentacles would softly stick to you. It was a good time!

After we got out of the ocean and made it back to the beach, I decided to get back to the ship so I started to walk the streets by myself because the others wanted to stay (they had their bags packed and ready to go).

I ended up getting a ride from this random guy that wouldn’t go over 15 miles an hour the whole way. He said because he just got his engine cleaned. Who knows! That night there was nobody at the ship that I could find so I ended up staying in my room that night and part of the next day… IT SUCKED!    Apparently everyone was at Flip and Flap, which was a resort up north having a good ol’ time and wanted to tell me all about what a great time they were having when we were back on the ship… (Bastards) I was very bitter. I did go the beach for awhile the next afternoon. The coolest thing Mauritius had in my opinion was the 7-colored-earths. There’s a place were the ground is rainbow colored. The sky was also spectacular. 

This week we have midterms and our Olympics between the different seas, which are separated by rooms and RD’s. So I am teaching four other dancers some choreography to kind of get everyone pumped the day before it starts in the talent show. So I am going to be really busy with that plus studying for my midterms and writing my midterm paper. This week should go by really fast and then before I know it I will be in India, hopefully riding an Elephant. Hehe!

Much Love!!

I don’t know if I am going to get all the shit I have due this week done.

Half of it I still don’t know what the hell I am doing! Hopefully I don’t fail. I didn’t get my period this month which is exciting. As soon as this week is over, the rest of the time is going to fly by. I don’t think anyone really reads my full mini novels that I send out. Well, I better stop procrastinating and get started on my midterms. The Olympics start Saturday and I am doing the limbo and then I taught four other dancers a routine to do to kick off the Olympics… It’s pretty tight. I am going to try to get someone to video it so I can show you when I get home. And I’ll let you know about the limbo contest.

I have two more of those shots to endure and apparently being a comedy act for whomever is around me. Don’t worry, I am fine and have not gotten anything from any of the countries because I do take these precautions. Anyways, I tried to send pics again in the last email, but it didn’t work again. So I guess you are just going to have to see them when I get home. Well I have to get naked now and jump in the shower, so I will continue this later. Oh btw, you poeple better be ready to do some snowboarding with me when I get back. So I guess that would be the two things I would want materialistically when I get back… A Big Bear pass so I can snowboard whenever I want to and the Sex and the City DVD’s (All the series and episodes) Hehe. That’s what I want for x-mas Santa.  LOL!

I just finished writing out all my essays for my Japanese history class and was going to go out in the hall and sit on the steps to try to catch people online (1:25pm PST), but I realized noone would probably be on. You know reading about all the different religions and political stances in the different countries, just makes me realize how lucky I am to not, for example, have arranged marriages or female genital mutilation. I am pretty sure I am going to fail my music in Africa mid-term tomorrow. Well I better get back to studying. It is only 12:30pm here. I took a shot of espresso today to keep me up and that shit is THE nastiest stuff that has ever entered my mouth. Yeah! My roommate is snoring again and is really annoying me. I HATE SNORING!

I owe the ship soo much money. My account has been closed for some time now. I guess we were supposed to advance our clocks again last night, but neither I nor my roommate got the message… So if she wouldn’t have gotten up for what she thought was breakfast at 8:30am this mourning, we wouldn’t have known it was actually 9:30am and I would have missed my first mid-term completely!!! That’s scary! The boat is rocking so bad today that everything in the room is sliding around off the tables and falling over in the shower. We are now exactly 12hours apart. From tomorrow after Global Studies (10:45am) till we get to India, the internet is Free, so I will be looking for you on the internet all the time… Maybe we will be able to chat?…

So, The Olympics are officially over and I have to write a 5page paper tonight while everyone else is up stairs enjoying a buffet of desserts… But I guess that’s what I get for procrastinating. I did alright in limbo. There were 36 people competing and I was like the 30th person out… not bad. They started the bar at like chin level and then after that they would move it a foot at a time… So one time you would go, it would be a piece of cake and then the next time impossible. Then we did our dance to close the Olympics and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I wasn’t too pleased with it, but I am always really harsh on myself. I had someone tape it so I can show you when I get home… LOL!  I have no idea what to write for this paper!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Well hope to talk to you soon. OMG!!! I forgot to mention the funniest part of the Olympics.

Part of the Olympics was the synchronized swimming. Well, because it was raining and we were having bad weather, they moved it to the union and out of the water. This was the funniest shit. Can I just say that I have never seen so many guys that were so comfortable with their masculinity to make fools of themselves and wear ONE & TWO PIECE WOMEN’S BATHING SUITS!! All the performances imitated what they were going to do in the water, so when the guys went down in one of the pieces and kicked their legs up our whole sea saw part of their privates and you could just see everyone covering their eyes and saying OMG!  It was sooo funny. In every piece, the guys were wearing Speedos and dancing girly movements.  The whole section was hilarious! Would you men be down to putting a women’s bathing suit on and make a fool of yourself for the sake of comedy and team spirit???

I will send my email about my experience in India tomorrow and then I will be in Myanmar. Yay!





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