First SAS Voyage Update…

Hey everyone~

I am finally getting the chance to write about my experiences so far and let me tell you there have been some stressful days and some good ones.

Let me just go ahead and start at the beginning, when I got to Miami, Florida and missed my plane and then was put on stand-by for the next flight. Well, I waited around the airport for the next 2 hours when they called my name as well as 8 other people to get on a bus to go over to the smallest plane I had ever seen just to be locked up in a bus for an hour starring at the plane and everyone in it to be denied and sent back to the ticketing counter, where we finally were confirmed to be put on the next plane at 10pm. So, I thought "Sweet, the agony is over and I can start my vacation/educational voyage." Little did I know, I was sooo wrong! An hour later we arrived at the Nassau airport in the Bahamas, went through immigration just fine, but when it came to finding my luggage… Let’s just say I was still at the baggage counter an hour and a half later with the Jamaicans telling me dat dey lost my luggage man and it would be brought to my hotel at the Atlantis by 12 noon the next day. So I said fine and got a shuttle over to the hotel, and checked in.

When I got to my room my roommates were already sleeping like a bunch of bums, so I woke their asses up to tell them about my lost luggage and the driver that pulled every fact about the island out of his ass. By then I was starving so I ventured out to hunt me down some food. Literally two seconds after I left the room, just down the hallway, I met these two girls Amanda and Liz who were going over to this guy Turner’s room to drink, talk, and listen to music. This, among others, turned out to be "my group of friends" for my time in the Bahamas. So the next day Turner and I went out to breakfast in search of something cheap because EVERYTHING is so expensive… just a club sandwich was $18!! Then I had to borrow this bathing suit from this girl Cory and we all went out to the Lazy river and floated around in tubs and messed around. Then we headed over to the slides, then to the pool, then to the beach which was literally 10 feet away. It was sooo gorgeous there in the Bahamas! That night at least a hundred people from SAS went over to Senor Frogs to get drunk, dance, eat, and socialize. Since I still did not have my luggage I went in my pajamas. I figured I needed to get drunk because the airlines were stressing me out so much, ya know. The first moment we got there, there was a little dance off going on which was followed by a conga line… Now if you participated in this line you were rewarded with three free shots poured into your mouth that tasted surprisingly really good. Over-all, the night was really fun… Turner and I were taking jello shots all night and the guy that had the microphone that was in charge of getting the crowd excited asked me to dance for him. Isn’t that cool?!

The next day I still did not have my luggage, so I spent the whole day at the airport trying to deal with getting some compensation for my troubles and the guy was such an ass to me… I was basically crying the whole day, but finally got my luggage back and changed out of the clothes I had been wearing for the last three days. And then it was time to go to the ship the next mourning. If you can believe it, I do have just enough room for my clothing. Today was basically a day of getting settled and exploring the ship. The Spa is so gorgeous with really good prices for messages, body wraps, hair cuts, Brazilian bikini waxes, among other things. I just don’t like the fact that you have to sign up for a specific time to use one machine at a time in the gym, but what can you do? It is really funny to watch people on the ship because everyone looks like they’re drunk.

Everyone, including myself sway from side to side in an "S" line when they walk because of the motion of the ocean. LOL! Also the service in the dining room is crazy. They pick up all our dishes after we are done with them and even pre-cut the crust off the toast. CRAZY! I think sea life will take some getting used to but I think I can do it and I will be in Venezuela in just two days and start classes tomorrow.  So I think I will be fine. Until next time…



Attached are some pics from my first few days here!


Official Postings:

August 30, 2005
The MV Explorer departed Nassau, Bahamas, at 1700 local time, with all on board. Bon Voyage Fall 2005!


September 03, 2005

The MV Explorer made anchor in La Guaira, Venezuala at 0800 local time.



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