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Palin Wowed CPAC Crowd! Paul Won Straw Poll

Conservative Byte: Palin tells it like it is and has some great hits on Obama and those who don’t stand up for conservative values. See the poll results and Palin’s speech in its entirety in video below: Video: Judge Jeanine … Continue reading

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The Harris County Republican Party condemns “pay-to-play” slates

Last night’s meeting of the Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee was very productive! I have several posts just from that one meeting. Can’t beat that! This one is about a resolution from the party “condemning” the pay-to-play system that … Continue reading

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Hopeful News: LA City Animal Shelter Deaths Plummet by Nearly Half During First Two Years of Best Friends Animal Society’s NKLA Initiative

“Lives are at stake.  Not only is this program important for Los Angeles, but we are laying a path forward for other cities to follow [in] making no-kill an achievable goal,”  says Batista Digital Journal: Success of coalition approach to … Continue reading

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Reagan at His Best…

Happy Birthday, President Reagan Ronald Reagan would have been 103 today… 02.06.2014 By Marion Algier – Ask Marion –> Ronald Reagan Tribute — Bel Air Presbyterian Church <– Video: Normandy Speech: Ceremony Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, D-Day … Continue reading

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The Truth About Success – TheBlaze

Prominent libertarian thinkers shred common myths about wealth & income inequality… Video: The Truth About Success – TheBlaze Video: Income Inequality – TheBlaze Technorati Tags: Politics,Survival,Beck,Glenn Beck,TheBlaze,Truth,Choices,Myths,Economics,Success,ibertarians,Finances,Wealth,Money,Alternative Media,Free-Market Capitalism,Perspective,Income Inequality

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FOX News’ Roger Ailes Talks Back – Great Interview!

Fox’s news czar tells THR about his goal to launch a new network with Bill O’Reilly, the real reason Alec Baldwin was fired and why Jeff Zucker’s strategy is no cause for concern: “I guess he’s going to do whales … Continue reading

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Most Influential People Poll

Video: Most Influential – Glenn Beck Washington Examiner: Texas Senator Ted Cruz has had the best year of any Republican and virtually anyone in the world, ranking third in Rasmussen Report’s new poll of the of the “most influential” people … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela Dies – 1918-2013 – Updated

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion Nelson Mandela was one of the bigger than life leaders of our time. Was he perfect… absolutely not; in fact, far from it. And when you start digging you can find many flaws as … Continue reading

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Nick Selby – Georgia Tech Sophomore Delivers Rousing Convocation Speech

Nick Selby wowed incoming freshman with his rousing speech…  Selby’s speech has garnered over one million views online so far.  Selby said he borrowed part of his speech , with permission, from his high school debate coach Andy Stone, who … Continue reading

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Governor Palin Praises Ashton Kutcher’s Speech On Hard Work

Photo posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page early this morning. Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page yesterday morning: Sarah Palin Yesterday at 10:07am   Looks like the Duck Dynasty dudes aren’t the only ones speaking truth to power lately. Hollywood star … Continue reading

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