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Republican National Committee files Tax Day lawsuit seeking IRS records related to Tea Party targeting

Washington Examiner: The Republican National Committee on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service after months of trying to obtain documents pertaining to the targeting of Tea Party groups through a Freedom of Information Act request. “If the … Continue reading

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On 5th Anniversary of Tax Day Rally, Tea Party Looks To Influence Elections

Five years after an estimated one million Tea Party activists turned out at more than 900 rallies across the country on April 15, 2009 to participate in the historic national Tax Day Tea Party, there are only a few such … Continue reading

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America’s New Progressive Depression

Progressive Depression By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton – the NoisyRoom:  America the beautiful… once a symbol of strength in military might, economics and morality, has now become an elitist dumping ground. Simply a source to serve those that rule – a gluttonous … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin on Paul Ryan’s Proposed Budget: “Bless His Heart”

Thumbs Down From Sarah… By Gary P Jackson  -  A Time For Choosing Earlier this week, on Facebook, Governor Sarah Palin ripped Big Government liberal Congressman Paul Ryan’s latest budget proposal calling it “not an April Fool’s joke” but a … Continue reading

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Divided Supreme Court Hears Hobby Lobby’s Challenge to the Contraceptive Mandate

  AP Photo  TheWire: The Supreme Court heard arguments for two controversial challenges to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate yesterday. Based on the initial consensus of reporters who were in the room, it looks like the court, as expected, … Continue reading

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Newest Obama ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Chapter

First Lady Michelle Obama walks with her daughters Malia, left, and Sasha, right, as they visit the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China in Beijing on Sunday (03.23.14), after having pulled a fast one on photographers hoping to … Continue reading

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Economic Collapse – Glenn Beck

Former Treasury Security Hank Paulson confirms TheBlaze’s September 2013 report that Russia played a role in the 2008 financial crisis.

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China to Purchase the Federal Reserve

Short Snip: Rumors are circulating that the U.S. dollar will have a rate for in country use, and a separate international rate.  That is because the U.S. treasury and the Federal Reserve are about to be severed from each other.  … Continue reading

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What If Buying Coffee Was Like Buying ObamaCare ????

Video: What If Buying Coffee Was Like Buying ObamaCare ???? Cross-Posted at the NoisyRoom  -  h/t: Tom Elia – The New Editor Technorati Tags: ObamaCare,Constitution,Financial,Politics,Survival,Taxation,Buying Coffee

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How Obama could stop Putin’s Ukraine power grab without firing a shot

Author’s note: President Obama had a 90-minute phone call with President Putin Saturday after troops entered Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. No official transcript was released. Here’s my take on what might have been said, and what I hope Obama told Russia’s … Continue reading

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