Obama’s Own Statements on His Vision and Beliefs… in Video

The liberal bias media have gone crazy with themselves under the direction of both Team Obama and now Media Matters, a George Soros political arm, with the help of the Department of Justice and the Attorney General of Fast and Furious fame, who is supposed to be neutral are now colluding to spin the news and much much worse… to re-elect President Obama.  If we do not have a neutral Attorney General or neutral media… we are already living under socialism.

Every time Governor Romney stands up and speaks out, the media attacks him, even if he is right, while hiding all of President Obama’s blunders and ideological moves.  Is this really the America you want to live in?  If they do this to Mitt Romney… wait until they get to you… and they will.

Mitt Romney Tells the Truth and the Media Recoils and Attacks in Horror.  But what about what O said at his swanky fundraiser in San Francisco when he said, “Bitter Americans cling to their guns and religion…”  That was truly horrible and nothing Mitt said could ever even come close to that. And look what happened… Obama won because of media collusion and down right lies.

Maybe it’s time to pull it out and dust it off some of these goodies:

And here is this full news report on Obama’s “Bitter Americans cling to their guns and religion…” with Clinton & McCain responses to it at the end:

And in 1998… Obama admitted that he believes in Redistribution – “spreading the wealth”… which is socialism that creates a nanny state and dependent people, the opposite of what America promises people… freedom and the chance to make it on an even playing field.  Not a promise that they will, but the opportunity to try.  And you can’t have both!!


And Let’s Not Forget: U Didn’t Build That


h/t to AJ

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