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Finally… Hillary Camp Assails Obama Anti-Palin Ad

Hillary Camp Assails Obama Anti-Palin Ad Hillary Clinton supporters and Women for McCain leadership are slamming Barack Obama’s new ad, titled “His Choice,” as sexist and demeaning to women for its depiction of running mate Sarah Palin. The ad features … Continue reading

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13 Halloween Safety Tips For Pet Parents

Halloween Safety Tips 1. No tricks, no treats: That bowlful of candy is for trick-or-treaters, not for Scruffy and Fluffy. Chocolate in all forms—especially dark or baking chocolate—can be very dangerous for dogs and cats. Symptoms of significant chocolate ingestion … Continue reading

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Dr. Laura on Bill Maher’s “Religulous”

Bill Maher’s “Religulous” October 30, 2008 on 12:09 pm Newark, New Jersey’s Roman Catholic archbishop, John Myers,  is upset that part of Bill Maher’s movie, Religulous (a combination of the words “religion” and “ridiculous”), was filmed at a Bergen County … Continue reading

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In Pets We Trust

Kathleen McCabe weeps when she recalls the death of Alexis Jarose. Not only did McCabe lose her best friend, but she couldn’t save Jarose’s dog, Schweppes, a wirehaired fox terrier. “I would have willingly taken him, but when Alexis died, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Prime Time Ad Skips Over Budget ‘Realities’

By CALVIN WOODWARDAssociated PressOctober 30, 2008 WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was less than upfront in his half-hour commercial Wednesday night about the costs of his programs and the crushing budget pressures he would face in office. Obama’s … Continue reading

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McCain Vows to Shift From Bush’s Economic Policies

By MIKE GLOVER Republican John McCain promised to pivot from President Bush’s economic policies and impose strict controls on government spending that would spur investor confidence and the stock market’s recovery. "I will protect your savings and retirement accounts and … Continue reading

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Big Media Pull Out All Stops To Elect Obama

Americans Are Being Had By Big Media by Phyllis Schlafly Big Media have pulled out all their stops in trying to elect Barack Obama by withholding from the American people the truth about his radical record and associates. Big media, their polls … Continue reading

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Joe the Plumber to Campaign for John McCain

October 27, 2008 11:10 PM ABC News’ Bret Hovell reports: Joe Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe the Plumber,” will campaign tomorrow in Ohio for Senator John McCain. Wurzelbacher, the Toledo-area native, will go on a bus tour with former Rep. Rob Portman, … Continue reading

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Hillary Backers Decry Massive Obama Vote Fraud

Monday, October 27, 2008 10:45 AMBy: Kenneth R. Timmerman With accusations of voter registration fraud swirling as early voting begins in many states, some Hillary Clinton supporters are saying: “I told you so.” Already in Iowa, the Obama campaign was breaking … Continue reading

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Obama and The Left

Some people take solace from the fact that Senator Obama has verbally shifted position on some issues, like drilling for oil or gun control, since this is supposed to show that he is "pragmatic" rather than ideological. But political zig-zags … Continue reading

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