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Coyotes Thriving In Big Cities, Suburbs

A nursing mother coyote limps through Griffith Park, the nation’s largest urban park, after fleeing a fire in Los Angeles May 9. Urban sprawl translates into better habitat… Updated: 7:35 p.m. PT May 28, 2007 ST. LOUIS – Forget Wile … Continue reading

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Help & Thoughts For The Pampered Pet Nation

Every good is balanced by a negative and every negative is balanced by good. We will address some of the points in this 3-part series on the current pet trend… We must must realize that some things that have been … Continue reading

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A Pampered Pet Nation

A record number of Americans own pets—and they are spending a record amount of money to feed, clothes and care for their wee beasts. But is all the attention actually good for the critters? Why we need to remember the … Continue reading

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Antidepressant Use may Boost Fracture Risk

Source: Harvard Women’s Health WatchReleased: Tue 29-May-2007, 14:35 ET  Antidepressant Use May Boost Fracture Risk – Perhaps trying the greatest health discovery in the past 40 years might be a better option? LibrariesMedical NewsKeywordsOSTEOPOROSIS; DEPRESSION Description Evidence is accumulating that depression is a risk factor … Continue reading

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Fred Thompson Testing The Waters…

Friends, Great article on what to expect over the next four-five weeks below. As soon as the exploratory committee can accept donations, we will send out a link and address. Your early support is critical, no matter the donation amount. … Continue reading

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New Immigration Plan Ignores History’s Lessons

By Lou Dobbs, CNN Editor’s Note: Lou Dobbs’ commentary appears weekly on NEW YORK (CNN) — There are times when reason carries the mind no further, when the mind is carried from the rational across the penumbra of the … Continue reading

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Fathers, Sons And Brothers: Sacrifices

The Unit Suffers First Deadly Casualties During The Mission Maybe Hillary and some of the other Presidential Candidates need to read and watch some of these stories before pulling funding out from under the men and women who are and … Continue reading

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Franchitti Wins 91st Indianapolis 500

Dario Franchitti. husband of Ashley Judd, has won the 91st Indianapolis 500, which ended after 166 laps due to rain. The race had resumed after a three-hour rain delay. Scott Dixon finished second, while two-time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves was … Continue reading

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88-Year-Old Teacher Not About To Quit…

Example Of What One Person Can Do!! PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif.,(UPI) — An 88-year-old English teacher, who recently became the oldest full-time teacher in the Los Angeles area, is revered for her energy and enthusiasm. The Los Angeles Times reported on … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Hypocrisy On Iraq…

By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann On Wednesday, May 24th, we learned the meaning of the word "hypocrisy." The Senate voted 80-14 to approve funding for the next two months in Iraq without any restrictions or mandated withdrawal of troops. … Continue reading

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