Thoughts from an SAS Mom

It seems to me that it requires the very best we have to offer of ourselves to have the ability to send our children away into a very exciting, beautiful and frightenly, dangerous world.

Let’s pat ourselves on the back for being brave, giving our kids the wings to fly and loving them that much to let them go. We conscientiously did it, knowing fully well that we no longer have unconditional control of them, but then if you really think about it, the sharp reality is, we truly never did.

They are of themselves, individuals, free to make choices, and it’s a good and healthy thing. We taught them and did our very best to prepare them. It pains me far beyond belief, but sadly for us and joyfully for them, the time is at hand. They are crossing the plane into adulthood, and what can we say? "Don’t do it?" "Stay here where it’s safe?" I think not.

We all knew it was coming. We just didn’t want to gaze into that crystal ball and look too closely.

In my opinion, taking my daughter to the university three years ago has proved to be merely a prerequisite exercise. I just didn’t see it as such then, but I do now. It’s not easy.

I take comfort in my prayers for her and all the "sailors" on that ship. I take comfort that at 20 years of age, my daughter makes far better and wiser choices than I did at the same age. I take comfort that God loves her far more and efficiently than even I……

….than even I could ever imagine and hope for.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.
–Mark Twain

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About Ask Marion

I am a babyboomer and empty nester who savors every moment of my past and believes that it is the responsibility of each of us in my generation and Americans in general to make sure that America is as good or even a better place for future generations as it was for us. So far... we haven't done very well!! Favorite Quotes: "The first 50 years are to build and acquire; the second 50 are to leave your legacy"; "Do something that scares you every day!"; "The journey in between what you once were and who you are becoming is where the dance of life really takes place".
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