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Food As Medicine

HEADACHE? EAT FISH! Eat plenty of fish — fish oil helps prevent headaches. So does ginger, which reduces inflammation and pain.   HAY FEVER? EAT YOGURT! Eat lots of yogurt before pollen season. Also-eat honey from your area (local region) … Continue reading

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Still vaccinating your pet every year?

  Quote – Creature Comforts – Still vaccinating your pet every year? Vaccinations have saved many pets’ lives over the years, but they aren’t without risk. Now, with new research showing that immunity may last longer than once thought, … Continue reading

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Wish Upon A Star

7/18/05 When my parents & I came to the United States from Austria in 1954 we moved into a compound of duplexes and bungalows in Burbank, California, something you don’t see anymore. The owner and manager, Mr. Koehler, lived in a big white house that was adjacent … Continue reading

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IBD, Colitis and Crohn Disease… HELP!

My now  20 year old daughter, Summer, was diagnosed with IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) in her sophomore year of high school.  She was on some medication for about 18 months on and off and then said she was better and … Continue reading

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Our daughter Summer will be heading off to Semester at Sea at the end of August … truly an adventure of a lifetime.  When we had lunch for her birthday she said that when she talked about  the trip to … Continue reading

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$104,655.60 Ad in the Washington Post

$104,655.60 Ad in the Washington Post   Here is someone with the money to fund a rebuttal to what Howard Dean, Democratic National Committee Chairman, said recently that many Republicans have never done an honest day’s work in their life.  The following … Continue reading

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Summer’s Great Travel Year…

7/12/05   Haven’t heard back from the Miss.  So will have to assume that she found a place to stay.  I’m trying not to be the over-bearing mom and call more than once a week to check in. Afterall, she … Continue reading

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Talking about Famous Military Emails

  Quote Famous Military Emails Iraq Providing Hope   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Iraq Rising posted on "Iraq The NutHouse"  Good post read it here: 

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It’s A Small World!

Well, it’s a small world … and not just at Disneyland. This is the link to Sausalito Art Collection, a gallery that is owned by my husband Tim’s boss, Dave Busk.    One of their featured artists is Paige Oden who is a … Continue reading

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Free Yourself

This was my horoscope for the week and it seemed like advice worth sharing!!! The thought for this week is…Free Yourself!     In order to move forward, in order to realize those dreams of yours, you must endeavor to free yourself … Continue reading

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